Gift Basket FAQ

How much are your gift baskets?
Gift baskets are custom made. Prices can vary depending on the type of container and which items you would like in it. You tell me your price range and I will make a beautiful basket that gives you the most for your money.
How do I order a gift basket?
You can come to the studio during business hours (Saturday 10-2), or give me a call at 870-648-1503 anytime Monday through Saturday between the hours of 10-6. Additionally you can email me anytime. (See contact info above)

When you are ready to order tell me the price range you have in mind and what your specific preferences are for scents, products, etc.
Do you deliver?
Absolutely! My delivery fee is $5 within Texarkana. $10-$15 in surrounding areas depending on the distance.
How soon can you do my basket?
Since every gift basket is custom made, please order at least 2-3 business days before you need it delivered.
What kind of containers do you use?
Basket of course, but all kinds of unique containers as well. See the gallery below for photos.
Can I pick up my basket in your store?
Absolutely, if you want to deliver it to the reciepient yourself that's perfectly acceptable!

What all can you put in a gift basket?
Any and all of my own products: soaps, butters, scrubs, lip balms, bath fizzies, wash cloths, etc. I can also add bath poofs and rubber ducks. If you would like to add something that I don't sell, either bring it by for me to include in the basket or let me know what you need and I will see if I can accomodate you.

Can I see a photo of the basket once it is done?
I will do my best to take photos of all baskets, but during certain busy seasons I may not be able to. I am sure your recipient will love it enough to take their own photo to share!
What kind of gift basket can you do for kids/babies?
I have many cute soaps for both kids and babies, as well as wash cloths. Kids love my bubble gum and cotton candy lips balms and well as bath fizzies. Again, I can include anything you request, within reason.
Photos of past gift baskets:
More Photos Coming Soon!